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This Website is Dedicated to Providing a Solution for Reducing Carbon Emissions and Avoiding Global Warming

This website features an environmental book with a detailed technical approach for recycling carbon emissions at fossil fuel power plants and reducing automotive emissions using plug in hybrid vehicles.

The use of coal for power production is an important part of electricity generated across America and the recycling of carbon dioxide emissions can reduce air pollution. Recent innovations in the absorption and treatment of carbon emissions makes it possible to significantly reduce carbon emissions in the environment. Many jobs could be created if carbon dioxide recycling becomes available to reduce carbon emissions at fossil fuel power facilities. 

This guidebook describes state-of-the-art air pollution control technology for the reduction of Green House Gas emissions. Carbon Emissions Reduction and the control of Green House Gas in our environment is the main focus of this non-fictional avant-garde document providing engineering concepts and projections to help professionals in preventing Global Warming. To prevent Global Warming caused by an excess of carbon emissions requires the development of new air pollution control technology. This book explains a method for reducing carbon emissions using carbon absorption bio-reactors.  Included is a list of the nutrient specifications for controlling carbon emissions with the implementation of bio-reactors at fossil fuel power plants. Green House Gas Emissions can be reduced significantly using  the engineering  approach explained in  this book. Included are rule of thumb approaches that sheds light on the best approach for reducing Carbon Emissions at the source of emissions.

Also, included is a description of the power requirements of plug-in electric vehicles and the astonishing need to built new electric power generators. Carbon Emissions must be reduced because we can create employment with the adaptation of carbon absorption bio-reactors. This book is an indispensable tool for understanding how to reduce carbon emissions using the new biotechnology of carbon dioxide absorption and the upcoming paradigm for the next phase of industrial modernization.

The "An American Solution for Reducing Carbon Emissions - Averting Global Warming - Creating Green Energy and Sustainable Employment" guidebook can be used to document the tremendous need to build new sources of clean electric power. New sources of electric power must be built quickly because of the innovation of Plug-in Electric Vehicles (PHEV) that will soon sweep the American road. Hundreds of new clean and green electric power facilities will be needed to charge the lithium batteries in the next generation of automobiles. Because new fossil fuel power plants can be built with carbon absorption bioreactors, it is possible to have cleaner skies in our cities by recycling carbon emission to offset the impact of manmade pollution. You will find useful projections for the next phase of American industrial innovation.
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The accumulation of carbon dioxide in the environment is recognized as a major contributor to the Global Warming Problem caused by this Green House Gas. Reducing carbon emissions and other air pollutants is an immense issue for your generation. This book was written because many environmentalist could not find an engineered approach or a glimpse of the technology that we need to reduce carbon dioxide emissions. This book shows the basic calculation and engineering technology for the reduction of carbon emissions from the stack of a fossil fuel  electric power facility. 

When you consider the billion tons of carbon emissions that must be reduce to prevent Global Warming.  It is apparent that a preliminary technical manual is needed to convince you and many stakeholders that a cost effective solution is available to reduce carbon dioxide emissions to avert the problem of global warming. An American Solution for Reducing Carbon Emissions ... gives you the technical details that you need to understand this alternative approach for reducing Green House Gas Emissions.

An estimated 250,000 to 500,000 jobs could be created with the construction and operation of  bio-reactors technology. Bio-reactor technology could provide an essentials treatment option for reducing carbon emissions at the source. Carbon control or the control of carbon dioxide emissions  can be accomplished by turning air pollution into green fuel.  By converting carbon dioxide emissions from the source into a green fuel we may able to recover the cost of building and operating an air pollution control system for treating carbon emissions.  To find out more about using an effective strategy for carbon emission reduction just click the book link.

This book will be useful to: (1) Environmental educators (2) Environmental engineers; (3) Environmental Policy Analyst (4) Individuals interested in the reduction of Green House Gas emissions; (5) Individuals interested in finding solutions to the problem of Global Warming. You will find a detailed technical approach at solving some of the more complex issues facing our generation, such as the need to increase electric generation. The simple answer to our most perplexing problem is to recycle carbon dioxide where it is the most convenient.

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Below is a copy of a book review that I received by email ...


I enjoyed reading your book. It's a very thorough look at bio-reactors. The savings of $82 for algae substituting for coal are impressive plus getting rid of carbon dioxide as well. The book also has good level of technical detail. Knowing nothing about bio rectors, I could still follow your logic. The section on northern climates was of interest...


Your publication timing looks good as the US government moves to self sufficiency in energy.





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Ontario, Canada

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